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JIA- Índices- Contents - vols. 0 a 4 (5 first issues)

Table of Contents


Volume 0 - 1998


Vítor Oliveira Jorge,

Editorial 5

Maria Eduarda Gonçalves,

Science, controversy and participation.

The case of the Foz Côa rock art engravings 7

Margarita Díaz-Andreu,

Iberian post-palaeolithic art and gender: discussing human

representations in Levantine art 33

P. Bueno Ramirez & R. de Balbín Behrmann,

The origin of the megalithic decorative system:

graphics versus architecture 53

Vítor Oliveira Jorge,

Interpreting the “megalithic art” of Western Iberia:

some preliminary remarks 69

Maria de Jesus Sanches, Paula Mota Santos, Richard Bradley

& Rámon Fábregas Valcarce,

Land marks - a new approach to the rock art of Trás-os-Montes,

Northern Portugal 85

Susana Oliveira Jorge,

Later Prehistoric Monuments of Northern Portugal: some remarks 105

Isabel Izquierdo Peraile,

Iberian antrophomorphic steles: La Serrada (Ares del Maestre, Castellón)

and Mas de Barberán (Noqueruelas, Teruel) examples 115

Muiris O'Sullivan,

Eoin MacWhite: archaeologist, scholar, diplomat (1923-1972) 133

Jorge de Alarcão,

On the civitates mentioned in the inscription on the

bridge at Alcântara 143

César Carreras Monfort,

Britannia and the imports of Baetican and Lusitanian amphorae 159


Lawrence Guy Strauss & Manuel R. Gonzalez Morales,

Report on the initial excavations in El Miron Cave (Ramales de la Victoria,

Cantabria, Spain), with emphasis on the Magdalenian occupations 173

C. Gibson, V. H. Correia, C. B. Burgess & Sheila Boardmann,

Alto do Castelinho da Serra (Montemor-o-Novo, Évora, Portugal).

A preliminary report on the excavations at the Late Bronze Age

to Medieval site, 1990-1993 189


3rd Congress on Iberian Archaeology 247

Thomas G. Schattner,

The Department of the German Archaeological Institute (DAI) in Lisbon 253


Volume 1 - 1999



Vítor Oliveira Jorge,

Editorial 5

Jorge de Alarcão,

On archaeological interpretation 7

António Amorim,

Archaeogenetics 15

Paul G. Bahn,

Atapuerca’s double contribution to the cannibalism debate 27

S. Grimaldi, P. Rosina & F. Boton,

A behavioural perspective on “archaic” lithic morphologies in Portugal.

The case of Fonte da Moita open air site 33

Clive Finlayson,

Late Pleistocene human occupation of the Iberian Peninsula 59

Luiz Oosterbeek,

The Alto Ribatejo (Portugal) and the neolithisation 69

Victor S. Gonçalves,

Time, landscape and burials 1. Megalithic rites of ancient peasant societies

in Central and Southern Portugal: an initial overview 83

João Luís Cardoso,

Copper metallurgy and the importance of other raw materials in the context

of Chalcolithic economic intensification in Portuguese Estremadura 93

Ana Catarina Sousa,

Late Neolithic and Chalcolithic in the Ribeira de Cheleiros: A synopsis 111

António Carlos Valera,

The re-creation of territorialities and identities in the III millenium BC:

research problems in Central Portugal 119

Sarah J. Monks,

Patterns of warfare and settlement in Southeast Spain 127

Raquel Vilaça,

Some comments on the archaeological heritage of the Late

Bronze Age in Beira Interior 173

Ana Margarida Arruda & Catarina Viegas,

The Roman temple of Scallabis (Santarém, Portugal) 185

Gaspar Mairal Buil,

The cemetery as an urban space 225


Anthony E. Marks, Katherine Monigal & Victor P. Chabal,

Report on the initial excavations of Brecha das Lascas and Galeria Pesada

(Almonda, Portuguese Estremadura) 237

Bryan Scott Hockett,

Taphonomy of a carnivore-accumulated rabbit bone assemblage

from Picareiro Cave, Central Portugal 251

Isabel Figueiral,

Castelo Velho (Freixo de Numão, Portugal). The charcoalified plant

remains and their significance 259

M. Justino Maciel & Licínia Correia Wrench,

The Roman villa at Montinho das Laranjeiras: 1996 archaeological

campaign 269

News 281

Reviews 285


Volume 2 - 2000



Vítor Oliveira Jorge

Editorial 5

Lawrence Straus, Nuno Bicho & Ann Winegardner

Mapping the Upper Paleolithic regions of Iberia 7

Susana Oliveira Jorge

Domesticating the land: the first agricultural communities in Portugal 43

Jesús Jiménez Guijarro

Megalithic tombs and chalcolithic settlement in the Guadarrama mountains:

following ancient roads, marking out territory 99

Mª Luisa Cerdeño & Rosario Garcia Huerta

Celtiberian cemeteries: a review of research 111

Eugénia Cunha & Eric Crubézy

Comparative biology of the medieval populations (9th-15th centuries) of the

Iberian Peninsula and Southwest of France: problematics and perspectives 145

Antonio Malpica Cuello, Antonio Gómez Becerra & Chafik Lammali

The frontier area of Castril: the castle and the villa………………….. 165


Volume 3 - 2001



Vítor Oliveira Jorge

Editorial 5

Vítor Oliveira Jorge

Archaeology in Portugal: the great challenge 7

Robert G. Bednarik

The origins of Pleistocene navigation in the Mediterranean:

initial replicative experimentation 11

Miguel Ángel Fano Martínez

Habitability of the prehistoric settlements: proposal for the study of one

of the elements involved, and first results for the Cantabrian Mesolithic

(North of Spain) 25

Lars Larsson

Decorated façade?

A stone with carvings from the megalithic tomb Vale de Rodrigo,

monument 2, Alentejo, southern Portugal 35

J. A. López Sáez , P. López García, D. J. Cruz & A. J. Canha

Palaeovegetation and human impact in the Upper Paiva Region:

palynology of the Late Bronze Age settlement of Canedotes

(Vila Nova de Paiva, Viseu, Portugal) 47

Germán Delibes de Castro, Julio Fernández Manzano,

Fernando Romero Carnicero, José Ignacio Herrán Martínez

& María Luisa Ramírez Ramírez

Metal production at the end of the Late Bronze Age

in the Central Iberian Peninsula 73

Mary Jackes, Ana Maria Silva & Joel Irish

Dental morphology: a valuable contribution

to our understanding of prehistory 97

J. M. P. Cabral, M. J. Maciel, L. Lopes, J. M. C. Lopes,

A. P. V. Marques, C. O. Mustra & P. M. Carreira

Petrographic and isotopic characterization of marble from the Estremoz Anticline:

its application in identifying the sources of Roman works of art 121


Volume 4 - 2002



Vítor Oliveira Jorge

Editorial 5

Esteban Álvarez Fernández

The use of ivory during the Upper Palaeolithic at the northern edge

of the Iberian Peninsula 7

Lawrence Guy Straus, Manuel R. González Morales,

María Paz García-Gelabert & Miguel A. Fano Martínez

The Late Quaternary human uses of a natural territory: the case of the

Río Asón drainage (Eastern Cantabria Province, Spain) 21

A. Arrizabalaga, J. Altuna, P. Areso, M. Elorza, M. García, M. J. Iriarte,

K. Mariezkurrena, J. A. Mujika, E. Pemán, A. Tarriño, A. Uriz & L. Viera

Early Upper Palaeolithic in the Labeko Koba archeological site

(Basque Country) 63

Susana Oliveira Jorge

From “fortified settlement” to “monument”: accounting for

Castelo Velho de Freixo de Numão (Portugal) 75

Susana Oliveira Jorge & Antonio Rubinos

Absolute chronology of Castelo Velho de Freixo de Numão

(northern Portugal): data and problems 83

Susana Oliveira Jorge

An all-over corded Bell Beaker in northern Portugal: Castelo Velho

de Freixo de Numão (Vila Nova de Foz Côa): some remarks 107

Ana M. S. Bettencourt, Francisco de Sande Lemos & Maria Teresa Araújo

The young man of Vale Ferreiro (Serafão, Fafe, northern Portugal):

a late prehistoric burial 131

José C. Martín de la Cruz & Agustín M.ª Lucena Martín

The Iberian Peninsula ant the Mediterranean during the second

millenium BC: an archaeology made of absences 153

Maria de la Salete da Ponte

Bronze fibulae: cultural expressions of Bronze Age societies in Portugal 165


Cornelius Holtorf

Excavations at Monte da Igreja near Évora (Portugal). From the life-history

of a monument to re-uses of ancient objects 175

Reviews 203

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